Introduction to License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition or LPR is a technology solution that takes photographs of license plates and converts these images to text.

While the idea may seem simple, the behind the scenes complexity that goes on is quite amazing. 

License plate Recognition (LPR) is useful in the following purposes:

  • Help police scan and identify thousands of plates an hour just by driving
  • Allow border crossing to determine if a car is suspicious
  • Parking garages can automatically open just by recognizing the tenant’s plates.
  • Parking Service companies can better manage their parking systems

Imagine a sad scenario that happens all too often. A child is kidnapped and witnesses have a brief description and a partial license plate of the kidnapper.

The kidnapper unknowingly is trying to get away, and as he drives onto the freeway a camera monitoring the road snaps a picture of his car and the plate. It then converts the picture of the License Plate into numbers and letters. Within a matter of milliseconds, this license plate is checked against a criminal database (such as AMBER ALERTS in the USA).

In milliseconds, the police are electronically updated with the last known location.

  • License plate Recognition (LPR) technology is a powerful that can rapidly help solve problems.

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Hardware Components for Successful License Plate Recognition

lpr software
  • Camera with a fast shutter speed to reduce motion blur
  • Eclipse cameras, Infrared Night Vision
  • Characteristics of a high-quality License Plate
  • Recognition System
  • Applications using Licensee Plate Recognition
  • Access Control & License Plate recognition
  • Parking Services
  • Emergency Enforcement

Hardware Components for Successful License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition Algorithms and Technology
  • Includes explanations on License Plate Recognition
  • History of License Plate Recognition
  • How License Plate Recognition Works
  • Algorithm Technology
  • Reflective Materials
  • Complexities of License Plate Recognition